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Would Newton Approve of How You Are Using His Law?
How to Improve Safety and Accuracy in Pipe Force Predictions.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (MDT)

All engineers know Newton’s Laws. A valve closure, pump trip in liquid systems, steam turbine trip in steam systems or any other operational change will propagate pressure waves in the piping system that can generate dynamic loads in pipe legs upwards of 10,000 lbf (50 kN). Maintaining system safety and function requires a system designed with these transient fluid forces in mind.  These forces can be accurately calculated with Newton’s Laws, but simplifying assumptions are often made. 

A typical approximation is to consider only pressure forces, making the assumption that fluid friction and momentum effects are negligible. In some cases, forces from this approximation are very close to the true values, which has led to widespread use of pressure-based methods. However, in some typical system configurations, the neglected terms become important and the pressure-based method dramatically misestimates the true forces. A complete calculation of Newton’s Laws is impractical without the use of modern computational tools. Fortunately, tools like AFT Impulse (for liquid transients) and AFT xStream (for steam and gas transients) can handle these complexities with ease – always delivering accurate forces. 

Join this webinar to hear about common pitfalls in applying Newton’s Laws to predicting forces in piping systems, and to see how AFT’s transient simulation tools make calculating complete and accurate transient forces practically effortless.

  • Common pitfalls and mistakes in transient fluid force calculations and how to avoid them
  • Thorough explanation of how Newton’s Laws are applied to piping systems fluid transients
  • Demonstration of force calculation tools
  • Discussion of example systems where traditional methods are not sufficient 

Presenter: Trey Walters, AFT President & Scott Lang, Engineering Software Developer


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