AFT xStream™                Virtual Training 

Expand your team's knowledge on how to model high-speed transients in gas or steam systems with an AFT xStream virtual training course. 

Cost: $2,950

Number of Attendees: Up to 10 (all attendees receive training certificates)

Curriculum: Approx. 4-8 Hours 

  • Part 1
    • A: Introduction to Steady-State Compressible Flow Solution Methodology
    • B: Introduction to Method of Characteristics Methodology for Liquids
  • Part 2
    • A: AFT xStream Fundamentals
    • B: AFT xStream Applications and Examples
  • Part 3
    • A: A Critique of Steam Hammer Load Analysis Methods (ASME PVP-83715)
    • B: Improved Method of Estimating Steam Hammer Loads (ASME PVP-83717)
    • C: AFT Transient Forces
    • D: Gas Transient Analysis for Process Safety
    • E: Examples on Relief Valve Piping and Boiler Steam Blow